CoolLipo - New Technology for an Age-Old Problem

What is CoolLipo?

CoolLipo is a laser-based, minimally invasive procedure that aids in the removal of unwanted fat during a standard liposuction procedure. It is especially useful in helping skin stay tight after the procedure is over. CoolLipoÒ can be used to treat areas of lax skin that would be otherwise tricky to access and treat with conventional liposuction with such good results. Often, these areas are around the face and neck.

Why choose CoolLipo?

As we grow older our skin begins to show the signs of sun, lifestyle, and aging. The face and neck are exposed to the sun more than any other part of the body; therefore, they both tend to age more quickly. While liposuction is a good treatment for fatty and sagging areas, good results are tough to achieve in the face and neck areas. CoolLipoÒ solves that problem, and can also treat other small areas (e.g. around the arms), or larger areas (e.g. abdomen and thighs) in conjunction with conventional liposuction.

How does CoolLipo work?

CoolLipo (laser-assisted lipolysis) liquefies fat for easy removal. It is a laser-based procedure that breaks up and removes fat cells in areas such as under the chin, neck, and jowls, or in areas with loose skin, such as the arms. In addition, the unique wavelength of the CoolLipo laser system directly contracts collagen and tightens the skin, an effect not seen with standard liposuction.

What is the CoolLipo procedure like?

We perform CoolLipoÒ treatment right in our office. You may be awake during the entire procedure. (We may prescribe a sedative prior to the procedure.) The treatment area is anesthetized and a small cannula (a wand-like instrument, which contains the laser fiber) is inserted into a small incision in the skin of the treatment area. The doctor maneuvers the cannula/laser fiber within the treatment area, making contact with the fat under the skin. The laser energy disrupts and liquefies the fat, which is then removed by syringe or micro-cannula. After the procedure, a sterilized bandage is applied to the incision and the treated area is wrapped with a compression bandage. We will provide instructions regarding activity level and directions for when you are able to remove the compression bandage.

How long does the CoolLipo procedure take?

Procedure times vary in length depending on the size of the area being treated and the volume of fat that is removed. Typically, treatments last from one to three hours.

How long will it take to recover from the CoolLipo procedure?

The healing time frame depends on each patient's procedure and individual healing abilities. The small incision should heal within days. Depending on your situation, you may have minimal bruising, if any.

How soon will I see results from my CoolLipo procedure?

Some patients will see an immediate improvement after their procedure. Most patients will notice results within a week post-procedure. Improvements in skin tightening and texture can continue for up to 6 months. We can discuss expectations at your consultation.

Why should I choose CoolLipo over other similar laser-assisted lipolysis procedures?

CoolLipo's unique 1320nm wavelength provides proven skin tightening and lifting benefits in addition to fat lipolysis, all with minimal risk of pigmentary changes.

The benefits of CoolLipo

  • Gentle fat disruption and removal technique for small areas
  • Treats areas that are difficult for conventional liposuction
  • For facial treatments, less invasive than a neck or face lift
  • May be performed under local anesthesia only
  • Relatively brief procedure, performed in office
  • Safe with minimal bruising and side effects
  • Minimal downtime post-procedure

Click here to view a video about CoolLipo.

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